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13.06.2018 10:21 Antiguedad: 310 days

Coming soon: Discover the online language test Evalang

Need an online placement test that will determine or confirm your language level for English or French? We have it and you can order it online, as an individual or as a teacher for your class. Your order is processed immediately: you will recieve an e-mail with your personal code that enables you to directly proceed to the test. It will take you all of 35 minutes to obtain your results, that you can save and print, hand them in to your school or add them to your CV, etc. 

We (Fondation Esprit Francophonie) are currently working on the English version of this Website. Meanwhile, we suggest you try the demonstration that will provide you with a first impression of the Evalang language test. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please send us an e-mail.